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Tami Fillmore, Executive Director: The last three decades of going to school, working, serving on the city council and many other leadership positions, while also mothering eight children, prepared me perfectly for this job, which requires a lot of juggling and wearing many different hats. Whenever we go out, my kids ask me, “Mom, why do you know EVERYONE?” The answer is because I sincerely love people and desire to truly get to know everyone I meet. This love of people is what I bring to People4Utah.

Rodger Bailey, Executive Strategist: I have worked at every level of politics: public policy, education, and community involvement—locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. This effort is part of my personal redemption tour to right the wrongs I contributed to! My father (and eventual business partner) was part of the group that installed the “closed GOP primary” in several states in the west and the south, including the state of Utah. My first job in politics was as Political Director of the Utah Republican Party, when we developed the Winners Edge program that was designed to achieve and insure GOP political hegemony into the 21st century. Now it’s time to right the wrongs I contributed to and invite all voices to the process!

Nate Anderson: As Creative Director for People4Utah, I’m excited to help build a brand that resonates with people’s desire for a better Utah. I earned my bachelor’s in communications from BYU and my master’s in communications and advertising design from VCU. I’ve worked as an Art Director and Creative Director at ad agencies in Chicago, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City. In my spare time, I enjoy tennis, running, mountain biking, and PIZZA!

Monica Barnes: As the Development & Communications Manager, my job is to help bring our message to the people in a meaningful and impactful way. I develop and design various materials and written content, and I love being in the field with boots on the ground, building relationships and sharing our vision with people across the state. I’ve had a passion for politics since I was a little girl, and I owe that to my dad, who would sit and talk with me for hours about what’s going on in the world. I have a BA in Poli Sci from Southern Illinois University, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a team that is working to make our system more accessible to all!

Marissa Coutinho: I’m the Research Manager for People4Utah, and I help make sure our team is equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions about the complex issues affecting people in Utah and beyond. I understand how past policies have impacted the people they serve, and this is essential in planning for the future. I’m deeply committed to the values of this organization, which aims to be a voice for all Utahns who feel left out of the system. I speak 5 languages and have lived in multiple countries around the world, and currently reside in Mali with my husband.

Erika Bos: I’m the go-to person for all things Admin and H.R.! I also support budgeting and overseeing the many tasks and projects within our team. I’ve always been a pretty non-political person, but as a single mom raising a 4-year-old son, People4Utah’s mission really resonates with me. I’m so excited to leverage my skills and personal network to advance our cause and help build a better future for my son and all people in our state!

Mariana Pacheo: I’m the Social Media Specialist for People4Utah. I’ve been helping different companies and nonprofits create meaningful connections with their audiences by spreading their message, sharing knowledge, raising awareness, and empowering people. People4Utah’s mission is special to me because I believe that empowering people to have their voice heard is vital to making a tangible difference and building stronger communities.