Jan Garbett

Board Member

A graduate of the University of Utah with a BA in English, Jan thrives when tackling issues related to education, collaborative problem-solving, and principled leadership. Her passion for healthy living is evident in her active lifestyle, which includes activities like walking, swimming, yoga, and traveling. Notably, she and Bryson embarked on a memorable backpacking journey through Europe for their honeymoon.

Jan’s leadership journey extends into various realms. She is the co-founder of Garbett Homes, a family-owned enterprise celebrated for its innovative energy-saving initiatives. Through her roles as accountant and HR manager, Jan has not only managed business operations but also championed employee well-being by overseeing healthcare and retirement accounts.

Beyond business, Jan is a dedicated philanthropist and co-founder of the Benjamin Foundation. Through this organization, she has spearheaded initiatives addressing global challenges such as media literacy in schools, combating sexual exploitation, supporting community arts, and empowering women in conflict zones like Iraq.

Jan’s commitment to education extends internationally through her involvement in Foundation Escalera, which has transformed the educational landscape in Chiapas, Mexico. Under her leadership, Escalera has facilitated access to education for over 100,000 students, built numerous classrooms, and invested millions to break the cycle of generational poverty.

In 2014, Jan founded EPIK Deliberate Digital, a platform aimed at fostering positive digital citizenship among youth. Her advocacy led to the passage of pioneering legislation addressing media literacy, and her work has been showcased at international forums, including the United Nations Civil Society Conference.

Throughout her career, Jan has held various leadership roles, including serving as President of Women for Decency, where she advocated for child protection in the digital age. She has also contributed her expertise to organizations like Brigham Young University’s Civic Engagement Committee and state PTA committees.

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