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Who we are

We are a group of everyday citizens just like you! Our team is composed of individuals from all walks of life, united in a common goal to make Utah politics about PEOPLE, not parties. We care deeply about our state and its citizens, and we believe your voice deserves to be heard— regardless of your background, status, or political affiliation.

Join us in our quest for a brighter future for Utah politics, where your voice is heard and your vote matters!

People4Utah TAKE ACTION 501c4 Board

John Holland, Chairman

John Holland is a highly regarded figure in Utah’s conservation community and has left an indelible mark through his passion for the outdoors and commitment to environmental stewardship. In 1986, John married Marsha, and together they have raised two sons. Following an enriching 13-year tenure as a project manager for wireless network start-ups in nine countries across Europe and Asia, John and his family made the decision to return to Utah in 1999, ultimately settling in Bryce Valley. There, they undertook the ambitious endeavor of constructing the KOA in Cannonville, a small business venture that allowed them to contribute to the local economy and foster connections within the community. After successfully managing the KOA, they made the strategic decision to sell the business in 2014, enabling them to focus on their guiding business and explore new opportunities.

John’s unwavering commitment to conservation and community development is evident through his involvement in various non-profit organizations. As a dedicated member of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Partners board, he actively advocates for the preservation and responsible management of the region’s natural treasures. Moreover, he co-founded the Scenic Byway 12 Foundation, the Bryce Community Foundation, and the Bryce Canyon Half-Marathon and 5K, initiatives that further demonstrate his commitment to fostering community engagement and celebrating the area’s unique attributes.

While John’s professional achievements are impressive, his personal life is equally fulfilling. During his leisure time, he finds solace in the great outdoors, tending to his garden, exploring public lands, and enjoying the freedom that cycling brings. These activities not only provide him with a sense of rejuvenation but also reinforce his profound connection to the natural world.

Jessica Dalby Egbert, PhD, Vice Chairwoman

Dr. Jessica Dalby Egbert is an accomplished professional with a remarkable track record in leadership and program development. Currently serving as the Chief Program Officer at Saprea, she brings extensive expertise and a strong strategic vision to the organization. In addition to her role at Saprea, Dr. Egbert is the esteemed Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Limelight Leadership, a venture she established to drive impactful change and foster purpose-driven leadership.

Recognized for her exceptional abilities and dedication to her field, Dr. Egbert serves as a valuable board member of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, where she contributes her insights and collaborative problem-solving skills to drive community development. With a unique blend of creativity and analytical acumen, she is known for her charismatic leadership style and her commitment to achieving stellar results within a people-first framework.

A passionate advocate for data-driven decision-making and user experience optimization, Dr. Egbert is a self-professed tech nerd and aficionado of data analytics. She leverages her expertise to implement effective systems and strategies that enhance organizational efficiency and foster sustainable growth.

Dr. Egbert’s commitment to community advocacy is evident in her role as a dedicated member of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. She consistently champions the importance of community development and actively seeks opportunities to make a positive impact. A skilled communicator with a fondness for the Oxford comma, she effectively conveys her message and engages diverse stakeholders to foster collaboration and achieve collective goals.

Known for her tireless work ethic and unwavering dedication, Dr. Egbert is a workhorse who consistently goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. With her passion for technology, her keen understanding of human dynamics, and her ability to drive change, she is a catalyst for transformation within organizations. Bolstering businesses through her unique approach, Dr. Jessica Dalby Egbert is an influential force in the realm of leadership and program management, consistently delivering outstanding outcomes while prioritizing the needs and well-being of individuals and community.

Bryson Garbett, Board Member

Bryson Garbett is president and founder of Garbett Homes. He started his construction career as an 18-year-old framer. In 1988, after graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in History, Bryson decided to start his own company. After years of perseverance, Garbett Homes has become one of the largest and most innovative home builders in the state of Utah. Bryson and his family have made a difference in the world by donating to various causes including supporting education for children in Mexico and women in Iraq. Bryson is now engaging Salt Lake City’s homelessness problems with other concerned community members.

Marsha Holland, Board Member

Marsha Holland has been a Garfield County, Utah, resident since 1999, raising her family and starting and operating two businesses there. Holland has been the lead historian for the Southern Utah Oral History Project since 2001, where her work received the Utah Division of History’s Outstanding Contributions in History award in 2012.

Holland has been on numerous Foundation boards in the county at large, including Intermountain Health Care, and Bryce Community Foundation, working to promote community public health and access to education. She has worked in the Garfield County School District since 1999, contributing to special programs and substitute teaching.

In 2018 she ran for Utah House of Representative for District 73 (now District 69) as an Unaffiliated candidate. Holland remains dedicated to opening Utah’s rigid two-party voting system, allowing for a more diverse and representative slate of candidates as well as activating eligible voters to register and vote. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing in the winter with her family and exploring Southern Utah with her husband, John, and their cattle dog, Emory.

Sheryl Allen, Board Advisor

Sheryl Allen is retired but remains active in public policy issues. She currently serves on the board of Better Boundaries, Utah Women Run which is affiliated with the Hinckley Institute of Politics, and Utah Citizens Counsel. She is also a member of the Aileen Clyde Women’s History Initiative, a board affiliated with the U of U College of Humanities. She formerly served on the Advisory Board for the YWCA, the U of U Alumni Board, the PBS Utah Advisory Board, and the Richard Richards Institute for Ethics Board at Weber State University.

She served for 16 years in the Utah House of Representatives from Bountiful and was Executive Director of the Davis Technical College Foundation prior to serving for 15 years as the Director of the Davis Education Foundation for Davis School District. She resides in North Salt Lake with her husband, John.

People4Utah 501c3 Board

Jan VanDenBerghe Garbet, Chairperson

Jan VanDenBerghe Garbett is a native Utahn with a long history of business expertise, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and community service. Her accomplishments show that she is not intimidated by the unknown nor deterred by the complexity of an issue. And she is most certainly not defined by a single role or title. What she has achieved and contributed to her community and family has been accomplished because of who she is, not simply because of what role she was playing.

A 1978 graduate of the University of Utah, with a degree in English, Jan is the daughter of an immigrant father, the mother of eight very successful children, grandmother to seven, sister to nine and aunt, cousin, and friend to many both locally and across the world.

Jan is also a highly successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, who started and still actively runs an award-winning multi-million-dollar home building and construction company. In addition, Jan is a philanthropist, community activist, arts advocate, proud member of her church, human rights champion, and has been honored and recognized by the United Nations for the non-profits she has created and continues to develop.

Randy Dr. Randy Simmons, PhD, Vice Chairman

Dr. Randy Simmons, a distinguished scholar and leader, has made significant contributions to academia, politics, and public service. Currently serving as the Director of The Institute of Political Economy at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. Dr. Simmons has an impressive academic background, having previously served as the Dean of the Department of Political Science at Utah State University.

His passion for research and writing is evident through his authorship of notable publications such as “Extreme Vote Makeover: The Role of RCV in the Oakland City Elections,” featured in the Journal of Politics and Law, and “Beyond Politics: The Roots of Government Failure.”

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Dr. Simmons has also ventured into public service, having been elected as the Mayor of Providence, Utah. Through his diverse experiences and commitment to his fields of expertise, Dr. Randy Simmons has established himself as a respected figure in the realms of political science, economics, and governance.

Scott Jones, Treasurer

Scott Jones is a highly accomplished professional with a distinguished career spanning various fields. Currently serving as the Deputy Superintendent of Operations at the Utah State Board of Education, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the operational aspects of the education system.

Prior to his current position, Scott served as a Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist in the United States Department of Defense, where he honed his expertise in logistics and operations management. His exceptional financial acumen and leadership skills were further demonstrated during his tenure as the Finance Director at USDB.

Scott’s commitment to excellence is reflected in his educational achievements, as he holds a master’s degree in accounting. With his diverse background and wealth of experience, Scott Jones continues to make significant contributions in his field, driving efficient operations and ensuring the successful execution of key initiatives.

Mark Austin, Board Member

Mark Austin relocated to Utah in 1971 to pursue his studies in art and architecture at the esteemed University of Utah. It was during his travels, while taking time off from his academic pursuits, that he developed a profound admiration for the captivating landscape of Southern Utah. This deep appreciation prompted him to make the decision to permanently move to the region in 1974.

Immersing himself in the local community, Mark initially engaged in the construction industry, a role that allowed him to further explore and cherish the untamed wilderness of southern Utah. It was during this time that he became actively involved in conservation initiatives, driven by a steadfast commitment to safeguard and preserve the vast untarnished lands of Utah.

Recognizing the need to strike a harmonious balance between land conservation and sustainable development, Mark embarked on the development of projects that not only safeguarded the land’s aesthetic and environmental integrity but also ensured equitable compensation for his employees.

Presently, Mark Austin is in a successful partnership with his brother-in-law at Austin-Witzdam Builders, specializing in the construction of new homes in the picturesque locales of Escalante and Boulder, Utah. Through his work, he tirelessly advocates for the fusion of community building, economic advancement, and environmental conservation. Mark’s unwavering dedication to these principles exemplifies his unwavering commitment to promoting a harmonious coexistence between human progress and the preservation of Utah’s natural treasures.

Advisory Board

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Our Team

Tami Fillmore, Executive Director

The last three decades mothering eight children while also of going to school, working, serving on the city council and in many other leadership positions, while also mothering eight children, prepared me perfectly for this job, which requires a lot of juggling and wearing many different hats. The part of the job I love most is inviting people to join us and have their voice heard! Whenever we go out, my kids ask me, “Mom, why do you know EVERYONE?” The answer is because I sincerely love people and desire to truly get to know everyone I meet. This love of people is what I bring to People4Utah.

Rodger Bailey, Executive Strategist

I have worked at every level of politics: public policy, education, and community involvement—locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The work of People4Utah is part of my personal redemption tour to right the wrongs I contributed to! My father (and eventual business partner) was part of the group that installed the “closed GOP primary” in several states in the west and the south, including the state of Utah. My first job in politics was as Political Director of the Utah Republican Party, when we developed the Winners Edge program that was designed to achieve and insure GOP political hegemony into the 21st century. Now it’s time to right the wrongs I contributed to and invite all voices to the process!

Nate Anderson, Creative Director

As Creative Director for People4Utah, I’m excited to help build a brand that resonates with people’s desire for a better Utah. Born and raised in this pretty, great state, I’ve always considered myself a Utahn, even after living back east for quite some time. I’ve become disillusioned with politics as the two party’s views have increasingly widened. I haven’t voted since moving back to Utah because I’m included in the group that believes my vote doesn’t matter here. I hope to change that. I earned my bachelor’s in Communications from BYU and my master’s in Communications and Advertising Design from VCU. I’ve worked as an Art Director and Creative Director at ad agencies in Chicago, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City.

Marissa Coutinho

I’m the Research Manager for People4Utah, and I help make sure our team is equipped with the information they for understanding the complex issues affecting people in Utah and beyond. I understand how past policies have impacted the people they serve, and this is essential in planning for the future. I’m deeply committed to the values of this organization, which aims to be a voice for all Utahns who feel left out of the system. Having roots in Utah, I also have lived in multiple countries aroudn the world and speak 5 languages . I currently reside in Mali with my husband.

Erika Bos

I’m the go-to person for all things Admin and H.R.! I also support budgeting and overseeing the many tasks and projects within our team. I’ve always been a pretty non-political person, but as a single mom raising a 4-year-old son, People4Utah’s mission really resonates with me. I’m so excited to leverage my skills and personal network to advance our cause and help build a better future for my son and all people in our state!

Mariana Pacheo

I’m the Social Media Specialist for People4Utah. I’ve been helping different companies and nonprofits create meaningful connections with their audiences by spreading their message, sharing knowledge, raising awareness, and empowering people. People4Utah’s mission is special to me because I believe that empowering people to have their voice heard is vital to making a tangible difference and building stronger communities.

Dina Alexander, Communications Director

Dina Alexander has over 10 years experience in the non-profit leadership world and is the founder of a parenting education organization, Educate and Empower Kids. She has published 13 books for parents and children, including:

Petra’s Power to See: A Media Literacy Adventure. Noah’s New Phone: A Story About Using Technology for Good, and co-wrote Messages About Me: A Journey to Healthy Body Image.

For adults, she and her team created How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography and the 30 Days of Sex Talks and 30 Days to a Stronger Child programs. She received her master’s degree in recreation therapy from the University of Utah and her bachelor’s from Brigham Young University. Dina has taught in various capacities for the past 20 years, including marriage enhancement, art for small children and group fitness. She has also worked with teenage girls in a residential treatment setting, adults with drug addictions, and children with special needs. She is a dedicated, whole hearted mom of three children and loves spending time with them. Together, they live in New Mexico.