Did you know?

About 50% of Utah voters are unaffiliated or registered outside of the Republican party, leaving nearly 1,000,000 Utah voters excluded from elections that choose 80% of the winners?

Our Mission

People4Utah exists to restore confidence and ignite hope for Utah’s election system. In 2024, the majority of convention winners were chosen by less than 1% of any given voting district in Utah.

We have heard a clear call for changes to our current
system that would invite all to exercise their right to vote in all elections.

Our Current System

To vote in the Republican primary, where 81% of election winners are chosen, you have to be a registered republican.

This is a closed partisan primary and limits participation in the primary that matters most.

To automatically receive a Democrat primary ballot, you have to be a registered Democrat.

If you are unaffiliated, you
can request a Democrat ballot without registering. This is a semi-closed partisan primary.


  • If you are unaffiliated, you
    will receive a ballot with non-partisan races, which excludes state-level and federal offices.

If you register as an R or request a D ballot, then and only then are you invited to vote for most of the races.


What are the effects?

In 2024, The majority Utah GOP convention nominees were chosen by less than 1% of registered republicans in any given voting district.

Limited Voter Participation and Choice

A closed primary system limits voter choice and participation. Many would prefer to not affiliate with a party but this excludes them from the primary process. This lowers turnout in the primary election, where winning candidates are chosen.

Promotion of More Extreme Candidates

Partisan primaries favor extreme candidates as they cater to a small percentage of voters, forcing candidates too often appeal to extreme elements of their party base to secure nominations. This restricts voter options and fosters disillusionment, causing many to feel politically “homeless.”

Policies Not Matching Utahn’s Positions

When comparing polling done to measure Utahns’ feelings on issues to the policies that are passed in Utah, we see that many of the policies being passed are not in line with what the majority of Utahns care most about.

The Solution: Open Primaries

We are committed to strengthening your voice, but if the system excludes your votes, your strength won’t make a big
enough difference.
This is why, in addition to our programs focused on individuals, we also advocate for all voters being invited to participate in choosing their elected leaders—the foundational ingredient of a representative democracy. This requires an Open Primary, which would mean all candidates and all voters go to one ballot, regardless of party affiliation.

Open Primaries Allow...

Voters from ALL parties, and unaffiliated voters to participate in the primary election. This means voters can select their preferred candidate regardless of affiliation.

Open Primaries Promote...

Transparency and accountability in the election process because candidates are obligated to speak to and listen to all voters, not a small minority of Utah’s voters.

Open Primaries Work...

To minimize polarization within the electorate, by encouraging the formation of coalitions across different parties and ideologies, which can lead to more comprehensive and effective policy-making.

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