Gabby Saunders

Communications Director

Gabby is a seasoned communications director with over 11 years of political campaign experience, renowned for their adeptness in crafting effective communication strategies across various states, including Utah, Idaho, Virginia, and Indiana. With a remarkable portfolio of 30 successful signature-gathering and persuasion campaigns for PACs, municipal, state, federal, and presidential candidates, Gabby has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in developing field communication strategies.

Gabby has managed over 50 campaigns and excels in managing multifaceted communication channels, including social media, email, and mail campaigns. Her leadership extends to managing teams of up to 300 individuals, consulting on polls, identifying target markets, and overseeing website development and SEO optimization. With a keen eye for community engagement, Gabby played a vital role managing the volunteer efforts for Prop 2 in 2018, ensuring nearly 40% of the signatures were volunteer gathered. 

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